Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yes, what a week, eccentric, thats a good way to describe it. Definately feeling better than that down right depressive that was last blog (thank goodness). Its very strange for a person such as myself who has always considered herself to lack emotion to have such heightened emotions and reactions, has this new lifestyle opened up things inside? I have actually been asking myself this question....

My training all week has been GREAT..... strong mornings (cardio) and good strong quick afternoon weight sessions (even leg day !!!!). My body comp results were good too!!! EVEN AFTER that mass blow out last Saturday... (I really just don't get it sometimes). I actually looked up some records from last prep where folds and weight were about the same as the readings taken on Wednesday. Guess what .... 400g heavier, 2.5mm leaner NOW THATS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE !!! My goal for this week is keep it up!!! theres been no change in diet or workout so if I can simulate last week, I should be on a winner... YAY.

Just a quick mention to everyone that had birthdays throughout the week (it was a BIG WEEK !!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO : Jo Rogers, Kathy Lloyd and Katie Skinner I hope you all had a wonderful day and have a FANTASTIC YEAR!!!!

For all those movie buffs.... went and saw The Dark Knight on Saturday...... really good!! everything they say about Heath Ledgers (RIP) performance is true. He really does a great job.

I'm just going to end this off now with a massive HUG for Lia. I am sooooooo sad for her , her brother Heath and hubby Daniel right now. For any of you that don't know, Lia lost her father on the weekend, in what seems to be an extremely tragic accident. My thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to you Lia, please stay strong and know that there are many of us out there that love you lots and are here for you in your time of need. Always remember the good times no matter WHAT !!

Ok.... 1 more goal, try to blog a little more frequently instead of writing a book!!!

Bye guys ...mwwwwwa


Sunday, July 20, 2008

A better day

Although still very sad, the day was definately better.

Woke up and dressed and straight to the gym for my morning workout which comprised not only my normal plan cardio but that that did not get done last night. First task.... check.
Meal 1 - as plan.... check
didn't do to much in between, I did have a quick read of the "forum" and got some awesome advice from the girls, which I think is really going to help me deal.
I did have a phone call from a very very very good friend (someone I consider my "rock") and then a surprise visit which was very nice
Meal 2 - as plan.... check
Grocery shopping for the week... that was rather theraputic I must say.
Meal 3 - as plan.... check
(so far so good)
I'd been a little daggy for most of the day so thought I'd fix myself up and get things ready for the gym.
Pretraining Sups.... check
AWESOME workout.... good weights, all rests pre 40 seconds
Meal plan... check
Well there you go, hopefully it starts to get better from here, I'm going to take it one day at a time, who knows maybe one meal / one workout at a time (thanks Lia and Rae for the tips) and heres crossing everything that I don't get a reoccurance of yesterday.


I blew it yesterday....... not just a little but a LOT !!!!! I had a bit of an emotional issue (and by no means is that an excuse), that hit me pretty hard. The morning started out ok, got up, to the gym, did my workout (wasn't feeling the best, but you get that), got home had my first meal, didn't exactly get the things done that I had planned, starting to feel a little worse as the time progressed (that sick feeling like someone is vacuuming your stomach from the inside out). Time for meal 2, prepared and ate as per normal, then just sat there for a bit, thinking (not a good thing to do obviously). Emotion took over, then so did the eating, not too bad, I actually don't have too much over and above my plan in the house, but still it was outside my program and the worst thing was it kept up, and I didn't care. Its so not like me, why is this happening??? It just went from bad to worse..... STUFF IT was my attitude for the day and went to sleep. When I woke the attitude continued, and so did the blow out (I actually went out and bought things to aid it)... I felt really sick by the time I went back to bed, didn't even do my 2nd cardio session that you guessed it, is part of my plan..... What I did do last night however, and I really think its probably the most positive thing I did all day was post a cry for help on Lindy's forum, hoping for some good advice.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


EASIER SAID THAN DONE !!! Man talk about screwing with your head. You're moving along nicely (so you think) do everything as prescribed, early morning cardio sessions (getting up earlier each day because your so pumped), your meals are right on time exactly as set out, your weight training sessions are AWESOME, weights are good and your've really made an effort to keep those rest periods to the MAX 40 seconds, supplement regime.... check. You've felt pretty good to for the majority of the've looked in the mirror and you think to yourself, yep definately leaner, there are even numbers floating in your head of the mm's you may have lost, people are even commenting that "your starting to look better already".


Step on the scales first thing the morning of weigh in..... 200gms over last weeks weight.... hmmmm ???? OK, well you know what, this is acceptable, its understood that the scales are a variable commodity and really in the whole scheme of things don't play a huge part. "Accept" also an extreme variable. All day long, skins are the main concern. Can't wait for the work day to be over, then train then get home to do skins, cause the results gunna be good right :-).

WRONG !!!!!

0.5 mm loss, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT !!!! I even put on in areas (biceps, how the hell do your biceps get fatter in a week ????). Then it becomes the all encompassing thought.... The whole week goes through my head over and over again. What have I done wrong, different ???? Whats the boss going to say ???? What are the ramifications going to be ??? Will my cardio increase x 10 ????? Will my oats be taken away in the morning ???? Maybe, if I do them again tonight I will get a different result ?????? Was it right to take the measurements as soon as I got home after my workout ?????? Am I retaining fluid.... does that in fact have ANYTHING to do with it.................... AHHHHHHHHHH ~#@*%^%!#@%^ WILL I BE ABLE TO WORK TODAY IF THIS IS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT !!!!!!!!!!

I would soooooooooooooooo love to be able to say "well, theres nothing you can do about it, you must report the facts, and change things as required, next week will be a better week". Easier said than done.............. but I'm gunna try.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a GREAT day

I had a really good day today.

Training at 9:00 am, my prescribed 35 mins of cardio. I like to supplement each morning cardio session with a bit of weight training so today I added 10 sets (each to fail, 1 min rest) of chins... it was awesome and my back is nicely SPENT !!!!! hooray.

Then I get home to read the awesome All Females results (Thank you Lindy for such quick action) : -

Rae Catach - Intermediate Figure - 1st place and BEST posing award
Shar Twymann - Intermediate Figure - 2nd place.
Di Broeren - Open Figure Short - 4th place and BEST posing award
Erica Green- Novice Figure Tall - equal 4th place
Hilde Dempster - Sportsmodel - equal 4th place
Steph Williams - 2nd (not sure which category this info came from JD)

How awesome..... I'm soooooo happy for them all, I really hope they are enjoying themselves right now. I WANT PHOTOS !!!!!!

Then, showered and dressed for coffee with one of my really awesome friends Jayney... Do you have any idea how nice that was, I could have sat there drinking long blacks (I actually only had 1) all day and talking to her.... your the best Jayney.... MWA MWA MWA MWA MWA

Just posted Allana (shes my accountability partner, she too is great, she has a rock hard attitude that will see her go places, you mark my words).

As I said to Allana, I did all my food prep last night which means now all I have to do is get my work stuff ready for the week and I can relax (how cool is that word).

There you go, a great day. CONGRATS again ladies you ROCK !!

Friday, July 11, 2008